Fisa Group announces the all-new Omnia Pricing application

Fisa Group’s new Pricing module allows you to dynamically adapt to your business environment like never before. The all-new Pricing application guarantees that your firm will posess the maximum range of choices regarding how and when to adapt, modify, and personalize your pricing schemes.
Define and calculate charges, comissions, taxes, and prices according to the requirements of your business and the needs of your customers
  • Dynamic and Fast
    Implement Pricing changes rapidly in a dynamic and independent application that unifies your systems and customers.
  • High degree of Personalization
    Define charges, comissions, and taxes according to categories defined and required by your business environment and customers.
  • Multi-company and multi-currency

    Integrate all currencies and financial entities into one pricing system.
The new Pricing module is part of the Omnia Digital business platform which allows you to integrate your core/legacy systems, create a modern, customer-centric front end, and use powerful applications based on 20 years of experience in banking.
Functionality highlights
  • Dynamic management of tariffs and prices
  • Generation and exposition of calculation services
  • Development of interfaces for seamless integration with other systems and applications
  • Define authorization and notification levels
  • Definition of Tariff parameters and expiry dates
  • Generation of limits and quotas
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