Salcobrand – AN Omnia and Creditc Card Success Case


Matikard is the credit card issuing company for Salcobrand. Salcobrand is one of Chile's biggest pharmaceutical chains.

Salcobrand has:


  • Growth and expansion inside the credic cart issuing market
  • Fast, efficient, and flexible administration of new products.
  • Client's satisfaction incremented
  • Efficent implementation of commercial strategies

The Omnia Solution

It is an integrated app for Credit Cards, whether you act as an independent issuing company or through the different interfaces of local providers.


  • The creation of important differentiating factors for administration and customer retention through the implementation of business rules that grant benefits when using your credit card.
  • Income increase through different tools for fast implementation and easy design. Thus, giving wide options of products and services.
  • Greatly decrease administration costs and increase your productivity through an appropiate risk-control and operative automatization process.
  • Efficient shopping authorization with credit cards. The Transactional Switch Component authorizes under a time-stablished standard (3 seconds) your wallet of 1.9 million credit cards.
  • Improvement on the customer service and increased customer retention through efficient response times, up-to-date information and real-time services.
  • High-level security, preventing possible frauds thanks to a correct user profile asignment as well as a complete audit registry.

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