Credicorp – An Omnia Success case


Credicorp is a bank in Panama with approximately USD 1.5 billion in assets and over 50 branches.


  • The bank was exploring alternatives to improve and construct internal workflows to automate credit origination and was evaluating the possibility of replacing its online banking system in order to improve its customer experience.
  • Integrate all core banking systems at the bank, and in particular integrate all foreign and local payments processed by the core and online banking systems
  • Enhance the customer experience by harmonizing and integrating customer channels.

The Omnia Solution


  • Developed and customized a Funds Transfer application to handle all local and foreign transfers, bill payment and standing orders.
  • Installed the Multi-channel Management System to integrate the Funds Transfer module with SWIFT, ACH as well as with the Online Banking and core systems.
  • Workflows were developed for loan origination
  • The Omnia Online Banking Template was implemented and customized to replace the bank’s current system.
  • The Omnia cross-selling platform was developed for account opening, credit cards and consumer loans.
  • The Campaign Management Application was installed to run targeted campaigns for products and services.
  • The Omnia Rules Engine was installed to define campaigns, products and policies.
  • A Central Customer Repository was implemented to enhance customer service

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