BDI – An Omnia Success case


Banco BDI is a bank in the Dominican Republic with approximately 246 million USD in assets at June 2014 and over 26,000 clients.

After the national financial crisis the bank entered a phase of steady growth and required a business solution to support and increase growth by improving the sales process, accelerating application processing, and improving customer service.


  • Reduce the delivery time for credit cards
  • Sell credit cards using tailored campaign management to reach more customers
  • Reduce time spent on credit card applications through pre-approval routines
  • Pre-approve consumer credit applications and eliminate paper-based processing
  • Construct workflows for the processing of credit cards, consumer loans and mortgages

The Omnia Solution

Fisa Group installed and customized a unified and integrated Omnia sales platform for Credit Card and Campaigns Management and revised processes for consumer loans, card delivery and mortgages.

Tangible Results

  • Credit Card delivery time was reduced to 1-2 days (down from 7 days)
  • Credit card sales increased by approximately 40%
  • Loan processing times were reduced by up to 35%

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