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Business Banking

Business Banking is a technological solution that enables the integral management of financial services for big, medium and small businesses from a single platform.
On Premise
Paltaforma Business Banking

Complete Platform

Manage all your financial services for commercial clients on a single Platform allowing you to optimize platform investments and cost reduction for support.


Offer a simpler management of your products, by allowing users to administate access and permissions by themselves, as wel as customization of their own contracts.
Facilitate your business clients experience with a platform that adapts to their requirements and needs, by providing a high level of customization allowing them to adapt their own individual standards.
Business Banking allows users to manage several Businesses resources and financial services under the same user.
Quick Deployment
Business Banking is a Plug & Play solution, and it´s ready to install in any type of financial institution. Its integration capacity allows it to quickly adapt to any Core Banking System in the market.
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