pto   Banking fraud prevention.
pto   Credit and Debit card Fraud Prevention
     (Issuer and establishment).
pto   Money laundering prevention.

FISA and Smartsoft products are already fully integrates in a number of Latin American countries.

SmartSoft solutions focus on the prevention of fraud and money laundering in financial instituions. They use sophisticated technology, including advanced statistics, artifical intelligence, neural networks, decision trees and expert systems to analyze and identify unusual activity.

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Sivoz - Integrated call center management

pto   Collections, Telemarketing
pto   Reminder, Phone Banking

Allows efficient work load scheduling in the call center, for tasks as Collections, Telemarketing, Reminder, Phone Banking, etc. CTI technology provides automatic call generation and management.

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The MCS Switch Server® allows the transactional connectivity between the institution other external entities, governmental agencies and networks. This enables integration of the different platforms, internal and external services providing a centralized and controlled operation.

Provides a single channel communication between various sales channels and applications. This enables an interface for services regardless of the different message formats, protocols and security functions used.

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