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Fisa Group Announces Omnia 4.0

News | April 2016

After over 10 years of continous development and successful implementations in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Bolivia, and Ecuador, Fisa Group announces the new release of its innovative digital business platform: Omnia 4.0.

Omnia is Fisa Group’s new and proven style of business platform, which resolves the dilemmas of change caused by outdated IT structures and shifts the focus towards innovation and customer-centricity.

Omnia para a una experiencia personalizada, eficiente e integrada.

Integrate and unify all of your Core/Legacy systems and external services into one system in real time.

Experiencia de usuario unificada.

Design a modern, customer-centric, omnichannel front-end for your customers as well as for your internal users.

  • Campaign Management
  • Business Analyzer Monitor
  • Business Processes
  • Central Customer Information
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Funds Transfer
  • Internet & Mobile Banking
  • Pricing

Use powerful banking applications that vastly expand or replace functionality offered by your outdated legacy/core systems.

New features in Omnia 4.0

Our clients have achieved measurable results with Omnia

If you would like to participate in future events or would like to request more information about Fisa Group and our Omnia innovation platform get in touch with us:

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