Omnia is Fisa Group’s new and proven style of business platform, which resolves the dilemmas of change caused by outdated IT structures and shifts the focus towards innovation and customer-centricity.

Omnia para a una experiencia personalizada, eficiente e integrada.

Integrate and unify all of your Core/Legacy systems and external services into one system in real time.

Experiencia de usuario unificada.

Design a modern, customer-centric, omnichannel front-end for your customers as well as for your internal users.

  • Campaign Management
  • Business Analyzer Monitor
  • Business Processes
  • Central Customer Information
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Funds Transfer
  • Internet & Mobile Banking
  • Pricing

Use powerful banking applications that vastly expand or replace functionality offered by your outdated legacy/core systems.

Bring your business to your customer with Omnia

Our clients have achieved measurable results with Omnia

Achieve your strategic goals with Omnia >

Strategic Goals

Achieve your strategic goals with Omnia

  • Preserve the best of your existing IT investment.
  • Enhance and unify your customer experience through seamless integration of legacy systems, channels, users, products, and services.
  • Generate incremental revenue growth through selective product, service and application development.
  • Adapt quickly and profitably by integrating new channels and evolving with customer preference.
  • Achieve cost reductions through automation and efficiency gains.
  • Facilitate cross-selling and boost customer loyalty through 360º consolidation of customer information and targeted sales campaigns.
  • Minimize the risks and costs of innovation.
  • Increase executive leverage by monitoring consolidated, real-time sales and business indicators.
  • Innovate continuously with the Omnia application generator.
Omnia to a personalized, seamlessly integrated banking experience.

Omnia Functionality >


Omnia not only integrates your core systems with your customer channels, services, and external institutions, but it also provides powerful, Omni-Channel applications and customizable application templates. Omnia also includes a Fisa-Group-developed application generator tool designed for nimble development of new applications.

The elements of Omnia

The three elements of Omnia

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