FISA-Credit Card is a comprehensive modular solution which provides the complete management of the credit and debit card business from the issuer, cardholder and merchants perspectives.

  • Create new products and payment services according to market requirements and regulation
  • Protect customers, issuers and merchants through sophisticated Anti-Fraud procedures.
  • Launch rules driven loyalty and affinity programs using an exclusive module.
  • Administrate the operation of credit and debit cards using integrated processes.
  • 24/7 service channels, and on line transaction authorization with global processing networks.
  • Multi mark. Processes and administers different types of cards and currencies. Complies with standards established by the international.

Our Fraud Prevention solution provides major competitive advantages by way of cost reduction, enhanced cardholder confidence and increased merchant acceptance.

Our specialized fraud prevention modules are fully integrated into the FISA-Credit Card solution and reduce losses caused by credit and debit card transaction fraud that occur at point-of-sale, ATM's, internet transfers and commercial payments.

The system includes:

  • Mechanisms that analyze, monitor, detect and trace fraudulent transactions, and confirm or eliminate alerts.
  • Dynamic neural models that retrain and rebuild themselves automatically.
  • Final user defined rules that generate automatic blocking of accounts and cards.
  • Automatic interaction with clients via voice message, e-mails and SMS messages.
Fisa- Credit Card Technology
  • Supports messaging standards ISO 8583, Base24 y ON/2
  • Remote monitoring. Software security validation PIN, CVV, CVV2, PVV. etc
  • Transactional switch. Handles high volumes

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