Fisa Group Rebranding – a modern and fresh new look

News | August 2014
New Fisa Brand composition

Over the past decade the financial services environment has shifted drastically towards a paradigm in which leading financial institutions can no longer focus solely on operational efficiency, but must now necessarily compete based on customer experience. At Fisa Group we believe that placing your customers at the center of your business model is essential to remain competitive in today’s modern services environment. Fisa Group solutions enable you to enhance your customer experience today and prepare you to adapt to the ever changing customer preferences of tomorrow.

To reflect our commitment to create modern, customer-centric solutions for your firm, Fisa Group has rebranded with a fresh and modern look that builds upon our view that the customer is King. Our new brand image emphasizes that our products are not only designed to break the IT status quo and integrate back office systems, but they are also designed with your customers and end-users as key and central stakeholders.

Our new brand image comprises a redesigned website, freshly minted logos, and a friendly and modern color scheme. The brand image is aimed at highlighting the importance of user-friendliness, sleek design, modern interfaces, and thorough yet simple functionality.

We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to play a part in bringing your bank closer to your customers.

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