Fisa Group announces the release of Omnia Mobile Banking 2.0

News | April 2016

Omnia Mobile Banking 2.0 is the latest release of Omnia’s Omnichannel Mobile module. With this release Omnia continues to push banking forward by offering true omnichannel functionality and cutting edge modern functionality for your mobile channel.

Mobile Banking 2.0

Omnia para a una experiencia personalizada, eficiente e integrada.

Offer your clients the same portfolio of services through any device. Create modern and dynamic front-end screens and forms one single time and reuse these for all devices across all channels.

Omnia para a una experiencia personalizada, eficiente e integrada.

Offer the full functionality of Omnia and your legacy/core systems as well as of your external services (tokens, fraud detection etc.) through one seamlessly integrated system.

Create a truly customer-centric business by providing cutting edge modern functionality through the mobile channel.

Mobile Banking 2.0 is part of the Omnia Digital business platform which allows you to integrate your core/legacy systems, create a modern, customer-centric front end, and use powerful applications based on 20 years of experience in banking.

Mobile Banking of the past Omnia Mobile Banking 2.0
Individual development for each integration of systems or services Reusable, dynamic integration.
Extensive duplication of administrative and security tasks. Centralized client and security management.
Product silos. Omni-channel integration and centralized customer information.
Different user experience through every channel. Unified omni-channel user-experience across all channels.
Individual development required for each device/channel. Reusable and dynamic screen, forms, menus, allowing for one single development for all channels and devices.
Long and inflexbile time to market with high maintenance costs. High level of flexibility and adaptability of screens and business logic as well as low maintenance costs.

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